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The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board gives notice that a meeting of the Executive Board Committee will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. The meeting will be held at the 4500 South Sixth Street Road, Springfield, IL 62703. All parties interested in these meetings may obtain specific information regarding agenda items from this website (below), the Board office (4500 South Sixth Street, Springfield, Illinois, 62703), or by coming directly to the meeting.

Executive Committee Meeting - 2:00 PM- Agenda

The board is happy to announce a new and updated website. It will have a streamlined design, better layouts, mobile device compatability and more. We expect the new website to go live in mid-July. Until then, you can see the new site here. We welcome your feedback, please send it to

Professional Conduct Database
Pursuant to 50  ILCS 705/6.2, all law enforcement agencies shall notify the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (aka the Board) within 30 days of any final determination of willful violation of department or agency policy, official misconduct, or violation of law when:

(1) the officer is discharged or dismissed as a result of the violation; or

(2) the officer resigns during the course of an investigation and after the officer  
has been served noticed that he or she is under investigation that is based on the commission of a Class 2 or greater felony.  This includes violations of Illinois statutes or statutes of
other state or federal agencies when the elements of the offense are substantially similar to an Illinois criminal offense which is a Class 2 or greater felony.

To facilitate the reporting, the Board has developed several documents which can be found in the FORMS section of our website and also on LEDI.

ILETSB Investigators
Pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act (50 ILCS 705/6.1), the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board is authorized to appoint Investigators to enforce the responsibilities conferred upon the Board by law or rule. These investigators are certified law enforcement officer possessing the authority of peace officers and have all the same powers possessed by municipal and county officers.

The Board’s Field Representatives are all appointed as Investigators as are other Board staff members to include both the Deputy Director and Executive Director. All investigators possess law enforcement credentials.

Field Representatives work with agencies to provide assist on many issues and are the “eyes and ears” of the Board. As Board investigators, they work to ensure that all law enforcement agencies under the authority of the Board are in compliance with all Board requirements such as background investigations, mandated basic and in-service training, and mandated reporting. Board Investigators work closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement investigators to conduct possible criminal investigations.

NARCAN Training
Persuant to specific sections in Public Act 99-0480, the Board has developed a Narcan training course for the Basic Law Enforcement and Basic Corrections courses. Additionally, the Board has certified several MTU courses on NARCAN. Agencies should consult with their MTUs regarding local NARCAN training.

Statutes regarding agencies and the Training Board are attached HERE for your review.

Lead Homicide Investigator (LHI) Certification and Recertification Process
Effective 01-01-2012, under 50 ILCS 705/10.11, only law enforcement officers who successfully complete the 40-hour Lead Homicide Investigator training program may be assigned as lead investigators in homicide investigations. Additionally, the Board has developed an LHI training waiver process for officer’s who’s extensive training and experience may qualify them a waiver.

All Lead Homicide Investigators (LHIs) certified by the Training Board are required to obtain 32 hours of approved LHI in service training in a 4 year period from the date of their certification.

The Training Board has approved many in-service courses for LHI certificate renewal. The list is updated every 3 months after new courses are approved at the Board’s quarterly meeting. A list of the currently approved courses is available HERE. Agencies are responsible for ensuring LHIs attend approved courses.

It is suggested that agencies submit their Lead Homicide Investigator’s recertification paperwork no sooner than 6 months and no later than 3 months prior to the end of the 4th year.

A copy of the LHI training waiver and LHI recertification form can be found by clicking here - Recertification / Waiver.

2016 Board Meeting Dates

Date Location
March 2-3 Collinsville, IL
June 1-2 Downers Grove, IL
September 21-22 Springfield, IL
December 7-8 Chicago, IL

ILETSB-EI offers on-line LHI recertification courses
At its December meeting, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (ILETSB) has approved a series of on-line Lead Homicide investigator courses to be offered by the Executive Institute which meet the criteria for LHI recertification. These courses do not replace the 40-hour Lead Homicide Investigator course for initial LHI certification.

Active Illinois law enforcement officers may register for an account with the Online Learning Network, a cost-free resource for online training. Please contact the Executive Institute by calling 309-298- 2646 or through their website (

The approved LHI in-service courses are:
• Case Prep and Courtroom Testimony – 3 hours
• Crime Scene Identification – 8 hours
• Fundamentals of Investigation – 7 hours
• Fundamentals of Report Writing – 12 hours
• Interview and Interrogation – 3 hours
• Media Relations – 1 hour

CIT International Conference
Join CIT International in Chicago as they host the 2016 International Conference April 25-27, 2016. Click here for a "Save the Date" brochure.

County Probation Officers Mandatory Firearms Training
The Board will be providing the 40-hour Mandatory Firearms Training to approved County Probation Officers per P.A. 098-0725. In order to be approved for such training, the Chief Judge of the Judicial Circuit must designate each officer to be authorized to carry a firearms and eligible to attend the MFT. A letter outlining the procedure to follow can be found HERE.

Narcotic Detection Canine Initial and Annual Reporting Requirements
P.A. 97-0469 (50 ILCS 705/10.12) amended the Police Training Act to require that “police dogs used by State and local law enforcement agencies for drug enforcement purposes…” be trained to meet the “minimum certification requirements” set by the Training Board. These standards were developed based upon the SWGDOG Guidelines. The Training Board’s “minimum certification requirements” can be found here.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board has partnered with the Southwestern Illinois College Police Academy to offer an Internship program. If you would be interested, please click HERE.

Electronic Control Device (ECD) Random Inspection
Pursuant to P.A. 098-0358

In accordance with 50 ILCS 705/10.14(b), the Training Board has been tasked with conducting random inspections of agencies deploying ECDs to determine whether the officers receive appropriate training in their use. The Board is then tasked to compile the results, analyze them and report to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before June 30, 2016.

The Board has tentatively defined “appropriate training” for the officer deploying the ECD as (1) initial training on the ECD following the manufacturer’s recommendation, (2) in-house training on the agency’s Use of Force policy involving the ECD, and (3) annual refresher training both to the manufacturer’s recommendations and on the department’s Use of Force policy involving the ECD. Such training should be documented within the agency’s training files.

Board staff will contact an agency head whose agency has been selected for a random inspection. It is anticipated that several hundred departments will be chosen over the timeframe stipulated by statute.

The Board has worked with both the Basic Law Enforcement academies and the MTUs to develop training on the Concealed Carry Act. As of 2014, recruit officers receive training on concealed carry through the academies. Agencies are strongly encouraged to send their current officers to training offered by the MTUs. Policy development is the responsibility of each agency.

The Illinois State Police has the primary responsibility of implementation of the Illinois Concealed Carry law and information can be found on their website (

FAQ related to the Concealed Carry law (P.A. 98-0063)
The Illinois State Police, who has the primary responsibility of implementation of the Illinois Concealed Carry law, have posted answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on their website. Updates are posted as needed.

Please note the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board is not involved in any part of the implementation of this law. In-service and basic training for local law enforcement officers will be forthcoming from the Mobile Training Units and Basic Law Enforcement academies.

At the Quarterly Board meeting in Chicago on December 12th, 2013, the Board approved minimum training standards for county correctional officers who work at county juvenile detention homes. For further information, please click HERE.

On December 12th, 2013, pursuant to the requirement of P.A. 098-0311, the Board has approved the training standards for Animal Abuse and Cruelty; Canine Behavior and Officer Response courses. The standard will be shared with Basic Law Enforcement academies and MTUs. Click HERE to obtain the standards.

The Training Board has developed a Use of Force brochures for all agencies use during the annual firearms qualification of your active officers.

An electronic version is available here.

If you have any questions, please email Cora Beem at

SWIC is currently the Board’s provider for the Board-certified, OSFM-approved 200-hour Basic Arson Investigator course. The course is open to any paid FF II, with fire chief’s consent, and who has completed IFSI’s Modules I and II.

For further information, please check SWICís website at

80 Hour Transition Course
The 80-hour Transition course was developed to bridge a part-time law enforcement officer who has successfully completed the part-time training program and passed that certification exam into a full time law enforcement position. This course is offered by SWIC - check their website ( for more information.

Our Part-time ordinance sample is available here in PDF or MS-WORD.

Information on Private Auxiliary/Reserve Police Organizations
The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, in cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Service, Northern District of Illinois, U.S. Department of Justice, and the Illinois State Police, is conducting an investigation into non-governmental, legally unrecognized, and unauthorized "auxiliary/reserve police organizations" offering "police assistance, services, and employees" to county and local police agencies. Certain illicit organizations have been successful in convincing law enforcement agencies that they are legitimate. These organizations have also attempted to create an appearance of authority through financial records and other "legal" documents to avoid constitutional requirements establishing real law enforcement authority for the use of police powers. Since this Board is responsible for the certification of all law enforcement personnel in the State of Illinois, we wanted you to be aware of this situation in order to avoid jeopardizing the safety and security of your community.

Please see the following for more information: Letter from Director Kevin T. McClain, Opinion of Lisa Madigan, Attorney General

Annual Police Chief/Deputy Police Chief Training Hours Public Act 94-354

Please complete the training form which may be located on the ILETSB website with at least a minimum of 20 hours training to the Training Board office. Chiefs/Deputy Chiefs are required to submit mandated training hours annually on a calendar year basis according to P.A. 94-354.

To record your training hours on the appropriate form, please click here.

Since 2003, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) has provided state-certified Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to law enforcement officers throughout Illinois. Participants of this one week / 40 hour block of instruction receive intensive training on dealing with individuals in the community who have a mental illness. To date, the ILETSB has certified over 3,100 officers statewide, from more than 250 agencies in this specialized program.

To find out more about the CIT program or to enroll in an upcoming course, please follow the links below:

Upcoming Training :

CIT Training Opportunities

For general information on the CIT program, please contact Jennifer Wooldridge, ILETSB’s Manager of Operations at:

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